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ACCT 302: Find Articles & More

Tips for Searching Databases

Use keywords. 

Combine keywords with boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT).

If your research involves a company, search by the ticker symbol of that company, if available.

If you are doing industry research, search by industry code when possible.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Not sure where to start? Here are some databases organized by research need...

These databases are a great place to start as they cover a wide range of business-related topics. They provide access to scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles as well as some non-journal content (company profiles, industry profiles, market research reports, SWOT analyses, country reports, etc.). 

When searching for case studies, use the advanced search tool and select "Case Study" as a Document Type. If this option is not available, try including it as a keyword or subject term in your search. e.g., case studies AND management

Search by journal/publication title to check for electronic access

Examples of publication titles:

  • Accounting Today
  • Journal of Accountancy
  • Wall Street Journal