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ART 311: History of Pre-Columbian Art: Find Articles

Why use articles?

Why use articles for research?

  • For very recent, current information
  • Cover very specific subjects
  • Popular topics
  • Alternative viewpoints
  • Reports on scholarly research

Trying to find an article from a list of citations?

As you review bibliographies, reviews of literature, reference lists, you will discover additional sources to possibly use. 

Find them using the CitationLinker.

Article Databases: By Subject and A-Z List

Database searching

Now is the time to be more specific with your searching. Articles tend to cover very specific or niche topics, and are also published more quickly than books, meaning the information is typically more current than the general information you can gather from books.

Possible keywords to use for this example:  Xiuhcóatl     Huitzilopochtli     Xiuhtecuhtli     Aztec     Pre-Columbian     Mesoamerican     sculpture     art     carving     relief     serpent     snake     animal     iconography     symbolism     religion

Evaluating Resources

Popular Magazines vs. Scholarly Journals