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Intellectual Freedom: Internet Filtering

This event is sponsored by SU Libraries and Wicomico County Public Library.

Internet Filtering

What is Internet Filtering?

Shortly after Internet access became common in U.S. libraries, the use of Internet filtering software began to increase. Internet filters are software programs that attempt to block access to web sites or pages with content such as pornography, hate speech, gratuitous violence or other materials that may be considered objectionable to some patrons. Both the American Library Association (ALA) and the Maryland Library Association Intellectual Freedom Panel maintain that the use of Internet filtering software blocks constitutionally protected speech and is therefore a form of censorship.

Read more at the Intellectual Freedom Manual of the Maryland Library Association:

ALA Resources on Internet Filtering

Filters and Filtering.

This document provides an overview of the issue of filtering in libraries, and includes numerous links to statements, documents, and further resources, including the key links listed below:




News & Updates about Internet Filtering