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DANC 202: Find articles

Finding Articles

Because this assignment calls for looking for very specific ethnic dances, looking for articles means you will have to be quite exploratory! Listed below are specific databases that may have articles on your topic. Searching in a database gives you lots of control while searching. You may also want to look more broadly in something like WorldCat Local, much as you did with books on the previous tab.

+Search for articles in WorldCat Local

Topic: Ojibwe Jingle Dress Dance

Searching in the box above as is will search WorldCat Local and Academic Search Complete, one of our general databases. you can also add other databases that you might like to search at the same time. To do so: select the "Advanced Search" link on the WorldCat Local page, just under the search bar. You may then add or remove databases from your search. Remember that each time you add a database it will take a bit longer to perform the search.

Database List

Outward differences between popular magazines and scholarly journals