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SOWK 200: Find Articles

About Databases

Use databases to find articles on your topic.  Some databases will have the full text of the entire article available within the database, others will only have a citation for the article.  Use the Find-It button to determine how to access the full article when there is no electronic full-text.  

The Find It Button

The Find-It Button

It's a bit like magic, really! The Find It button does three things:

  • Looks in all of our databases to see if the document you want is available full-text in another of our databases.  If so, it links you to it!
  • Links you to the library catalog when we have the item you want in print or microform (you need to check Holdings to see if we have the particular issue of the journal)
  • Links you to ILLiad (interlibrary loan) so you can borrow the item from another library if we don't have access electronically or in print.

So the moral of the story -- DO NOT give up if the full text is not available in the database you are searching in.The Find It button is YOUR FRIEND! 


Citation Linker

You can also use the Citation Linker, another fabulously cool tool.   It is useful when you are reading an article and it cites another article that looks like it would be super useful for your research.   You plug in the citation information for that article and can find out how to access it, whether it be electronically, physically in the library, or through Interlibrary Loan.  It works the same way as Find It, but you don't have to be in a database.

citation linker


Multidisciplinary Databases

Subject-specific Databases