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GEOG 325: Conservation and Resource Management: Installments 7, 8, & 9: Growth Progress / Winners & Losers / Friends and Enemies?

Growth Progress / Winners & Losers / Friends and Enemies? Guidelines

Installments 7, 8 and 9: Growth Progress Winners & Losers, Friends, and Enemies?


--What might be holes, gaps or cracks in resource policy or law that will damage your identity if not corrected? 

-- How can your identity further its aims in the future within the realm of resource management by engaging, rewriting, evading, or obstructing laws and policy?


1.         What transformations of resources, their capture, exploitation, use and distribution would you hope for your identity on a global, regional, national or local scale?

2.         What tools might your identity need in its ‘bag of tricks’ in order to ensure those transformations are successful?

3.         How would your identity change in generations to come?

4.         What might catalyze those changes?

5.         At what scale does your identity function best, and why?  At what scale does your identity lack success and why?

6.         In a zero sum game of resource management, we see finite resources and theoretically infinite stakeholders.  Who should be responsible for managing resources according to your identity?  And at what cost to others? 

7.         Identify friends and enemies: Whose agenda most threatens the goals and agendas of your identity?  Which identities in class does your identity threaten?