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GEOG 325: Conservation and Resource Management: Installment 3: When? How?

When? How? Guidelines

Installment 3: When? How?


--begin to evolve a deeper understanding of what influences have come together to create this perspective in resource management.

--develop potential real people that you can call, see in person, or converse with via other media.


  1. Dig into the history of your identity as you make your profile.  Every perspective arises from some circumstance, what is it?  Ultimately, you hope to intuit how your perspective came to think the way that they think.  To understand this, you must first acknowledge how they see the world, its resources, and the framework of business, government and communication as either working to aid or constrain that viewpoint.
  2. Check for broad background.  Does your identity overlap or in some way compliment other identities in the class?  Can you work in tandem to find information useful to two or more identities?
  3. How has your identity’s perspective changed over time?  What time scale is appropriate to explore?  Will going back 5 years show marked change in the way your identity sees the world?  What if you go back 50 years?  100 years?


Each identity will be unique in this area: 


The Corps of Engineers for instance has a 200 year history in which it has radically changed its goals several times; compare this to a Used Car Dealer in Ocean City, who largely sees things in terms of ‘this year’s model’ versus ‘last year’s model’ and cannot reach forward or backwards in time much more than a decade.