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MGMT 492: Starting Points

Starting Points

This page contains information on library resources that should help you begin your research for the Organization Analysis project in addition to the books, articles, databases, and internet sources mentioned throughout the rest of this guide.

Also, directly below, are all Business LibGuides by topic for quick reference. Some (not all) of the guides might be helpful to reference throughout your research.

Obtain the company's latest annual report/ SEC documents:

Often, the annual report and other financial documents are freely available online through the company's investor relations page. That is, if the company is publicly traded. These documents should help with the Internal Analysis portion of the project.

For more detailed information, take a look at the Annual Reports/ SEC Documents guide.

Access balance sheets & income statements:

This should help with the Internal Analysis portion of the project. Additional resources on the Company Research guide could be useful.

Research the company:

Researching the company can be helpful for the Internal Analysis portion of the project. Also, while doing your company research it might be helpful to note the NAICS code or SIC code (industry codes), which will be helpful for researching an organization's industry for the External Analysis portion of the project.

For detailed information and more resources use the Company Research guide. These resources might be helpful to start with:

Obtain information on the organization's industry:

Many of the same resources mentioned above will be useful for industry research. For more information, see the Industry Research guide.

What is provided in an S&P Industry Survey? Check out this sample provided from the Standard and Poor's publishing website.

Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys - Standard & Poor's Corporation
Call Number: HC106.6 .S74
Analyzes over 50 major North American industries. Each industry survey contains information on: Current Environment; Industry Profile; Industry Trends; How the Industry Operates; Key Industry Ratio and Statistics; Glossary; Industry References (periodicals, trade associations, and government agencies); and, Comparative Company Analysis. Published quarterly.

Subject Guide

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