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FINA 441: The Wall Street Journal

Recommended strategies and resources for the StockTrak assignment and investment research.

In the research process: CURRENT INFORMATION

1. Background Information Sources (investment guides, dictionaries, handbooks)

2. Current News, Data & Analysis (library databases and web)

3. Research & Writing Help (research librarians & learning commons)

    The Wall Street Journal: Online copies

    The Wall Street Journal: Paper copies

    Current issues of The Wall Street Journal are located in the newspaper section of the Current Periodicals on the 1st Floor of the library (surrounding the "pit").  The library keeps approximately 3 months of the most recent paper copies. Current issues are retained in paper until microfilm arrives.

    The Wall Street Journal: Microfilm copies

    Microfilm copies of The Wall Street Journal (1972-) are located on the 2nd Floor of the Library.