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Modern Languages: Instructions on How to Find an Article


1) Select the most relevant database. (SEE THE DATABASE LISTS ON THE PREVIOUS PAGE)

    (Note: if your first searches don't work then try other databases on these list, as necessary)

2) Choose the most appropriate search terms by thinking of synonyms - (Just EXPERIMENT!)  And you can use OR to combine your terms               (e.g. College OR University) to increase the number of hits you will likely get. 

(Note: The video link is from Depaul University)

3) Type in your terms and select your search options (e.g. Title, Keyword, Subject, etc.) from the menu options near the search boxes

4) Submit your search

5) View your list of articles.  (If you don't find what you want the first time, vary your terms/search options)

6) Select the most appropriate articles and click on the PDF or HTML link for each article.  If they are not Full Text (PDF or HTML) then click on the FIND IT button  (see below OR see the FIND IT window on the previous page)


7) The FIND IT button will yield one or more options:

      Option #1) a hot link to the full text article in another SU database - if this is the case just click on
                       this link and then click on the PDF or HTML link and print/save/email the article

      Option #2) an 'SU Catalog' message indicating that we have the print journal in this library
                        (go to the Research Help Desk for assistance on this)

      Option #3 ) an ILL link allowing you to order the article through our Interlibrary Loan department
                       (go to the Research Help Desk for assistance on this)

      NOTE: If either option #1 or #2 are shown, do not click on the ILL option as your order
                  will be rejected because we likely have access to it here at SU. 


8) Try to enjoy the game like aspect of the search process!  If you are not in a big hurry, it can actually be fun unraveling the search rubric. If your paper is due tomorrow, then not so much!

9)  If you are still having trouble finding what you want, please come to the 
       Research Help Desk for assistance (1st Floor by the stairwell) or you can contact me for assistance

10)  Good luck with your search!  :)

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