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Course Reserves: Students

A LibGuide to Inform Faculty and Students About Course Reserves and Important Copyright Considerations

Accessing Physical Course Reserves

Physical Reserves are available at the Library

  • Professors may set aside library books, DVDs, or their own personal items as "Course Reserves" so that the whole class can share access to them.  Some have even donated personal copies of textbooks to be kept on reserve for students, kindly relieving you of some financial burden!
  • If your professor has arranged a Course Reserve with the library, it will be listed in our Reserves Catalog, searchable by Course, Faculty Name, or Item Title. You'll be able to find out the loan period and bibliographic information for all items currently on reserve.  
  • Physical Reserves are stored behind the Library Service Desk, at the Guerrieri Academic Commons (First floor, near the Coffee Shop).  
  • Come up to the desk, and request the item you want by its "Shelf Name & #"  (for example, "Adams #5"). If you do not know this yet, our staff will help you look up your item in the online Reserves Catalog (you'll need to know the item title, or your professor's name and course number). We will then retrieve the item for you from the back. 
  • Reserves usually have short loan periods (2 or 3 hours) and are for in-library-use only, as determined by the professor, so that more students can have a chance to use them. 
  • You must have your Gull Card (or your SU Library Barcode phone App) to check anything out.

You may scan material from reserve items for personal use -- we have multiple scanners at the library, which can send scans to your USB drive, Google Drive, or e-mail. 

If a DVD is assigned by a professor and is on reserve for in-library-use-only, you may check out a laptop, external DVD drive, and a set of headphones to view the film here in the building. 

Accessing Electronic Reserves

Digital / e-Reserves are posted on Canvas Course Pages

  • Digital material for your courses is housed in Canvas. 

  • Log in to your course's MyClasses page to access any e-Reserves or digital materials your professor has prepared for you.  The material may be posted as a file (such as a PDF), or a link may be provided if the material is available online or in our library-subscribed databases.  

  • Some of the digital material your professor has posted may be under copyright restrictions -- only students actually registered for the course will be able to access these readings by logging in to MyClasses course pages. 

  • You can access your e-reserves any time from any internet connection, on- or off-campus.

If a link is not working properly in MyClasses, please contact your professor right away.

Course Reserves Late Return Fees

Because students are relying upon these important shared resources and are likely to need them for common assignments/projects, fines for late returns are much higher than for regular items. 

Hourly loans:  $1 per hour per item, until item is declared LOST.

Daily (1-day / 24-hour loans): $10 per day or partial day per item, until item is declared LOST.  

Three-day and Seven-day loans:  $2 per day per itemuntil item is declared LOST.

After a late Reserve Item has hit a threshold of time overdue, the item is officially declared LOST in our computer system.  At this point, your account will be charged a substantial replacement fee depending on the type of item.  Replacement Fees for Textbooks on Reserve are $300, for example.  If you can, bring the item back as soon as possible, and you will be eligible for a partial refund of the fines/fees.