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THEA 300: Home

This guide supports your research in several assignments in this course. Each tab serves a different purpose; some just have resources for you to explore, some have activities to complete, and some are just informative. It remains up the whole semester so return to it whenver you get stuck in your research.

In-Class Activities

Course Assignments

Final Project and Presentation

(50 Points)

The Final Project will ask you to choose one of four projects to complete and present:

  • a 3-dimensional design of the set
  • three costume renderings
  • a complete list of lighting and sound cues
  • a memorized monologue performance.

Presentations are a maximum of 10 minutes and must include articulation of how creative choices were derived from research on a play we have read this semester but one you have not addressed in a previous Play Pitch. Your research paper will be an extension of this final project, discussing how your research led to the physicalization of the world you created.

Research Paper

(80 Points)

The Research Paper will be an in-depth exploration of one play that clearly identifies and discusses the historical and cultural contexts that contribute to the essence of the play and therefore need to be considered as they create their final project. The paper is required to be in a standard format, have a clearly stated thesis in the form of a theatrical concept, and a works cited page.

Source Requirements

  • Three book or journal sources are required in addition to your textbook and play.
  • No credit will be given for website sources
  • Cite all sources in MLA Style

The paper must be 4 full pages long but not more than 5 pages long.

Concept/Thesis and Work Cited

(20 Points)

The thesis clearly identifies how the concept for your project reflects the essence of the play as derived by your analysis of the play and by the historical and cultural contexts from which the play originated.

What sources will you using? Where will you cite those sources in the body of the paper?