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MUTH 110

Introduction to Music Therapy


Each student will choose a population of interest and examine the following:

  • Common characteristics of the diagnosis
  • Typical challenges faced by individuals with the diagnosis
  • How a music therapist might assess the needs of that individual
  • What interventions might help that individual address the identified goals and objectives 
  • How long the individual will likely receive music therapy service


  • Cite with APA format
  • A minimum of 5 sources (3 of which need to be from scholarly journals)

We'll use this guide during class, but it will also remain up for you to check as you continue your research for this project.

The guide contains the following:

  • Keywords: how to brainstorm alternate keywords to use in your searching
  • Evaluate Sources: how to evaluate resources you may use, including the difference between scholarly and popular sources
  • Finding Articles: databases you may find helpful, how to use ILL, when and where you can access library databases
  • Citing Sources: RefWorks and resources for using APA style guide with your citations
  • Research & Writing Help: where to go for help beyond this guide