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MKTG 331 Piatselchyts: Articles

Avery Hall Insurance Group Project Spring 2023

Scholarly and News Articles

Refer to the resources on this page for access to scholarly and popular news articles. News resources are near the bottom of this page.

Search Tactics

SU Libraries offers a few different ways of searching for scholarly articles -- within our Discovery Search (main search tool on homepage), or within one of our 178 research databases. Whichever method you choose, follow the steps below to narrow your results to only articles from scholarly journals.

Research Databases (use this method for best results)

  1. Select your database (see some recommendations to the right)
  2. Enter your keywords/search phrase (read the General Search Strategies page on this guide!)
  3. Use the search options or filters to check Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Articles/Journals. The exact wording will depend on the database.
  4. Narrow the publication date range (consider narrowing to the last 5-10 years). This may appear as a sliding tool or as empty fields you need to fill in with specific years.

"Articles" Discovery Search (Libraries' Homepage, or embedded tool at the bottom of this page)

  1. Select the "Articles" tab from the main search box
  2. Enter your search terms/phrase (read the General Search Strategies page on this guide!)
  3. Use the filters beneath the text field to check "Peer Reviewed"
  4. Search!
  5. On the results page, scroll down to the search filter for "Year" and choose an appropriate limit (such as "Last 10 years") to keep your results current

Rather than search across an entire database or discovery search, you can also browse for articles within a specific journal. Try these journals, or use subject keywords to discover a journal on your own. Whichever way you choose, try the two search methods outlined below.

Select Journals

Search Methods for Print and Online Journals

Find online or print access to our journals

View a journal's record in our Discovery Search to locate print and online access to a journal. You can also click directly on "Access Journal" from the search results page to access online holdings.

Journal record with list of databases that provide online access to that journal.

Once you enter your search terms, you'll see a list of journal entries like the one above. Once you choose a journal, see which database provides full-text access, and double-check the date range -- you want one with the most recent access (no end date listed), and hopefully 5-10 years' worth of older volumes.

Online Articles

Once you find an article (whether through a database, the discovery search, or a specific journal), check for an icon or link that says "PDF Full Text". Opening that should provide you with immediate access to the article. From there, you can read, save, or print.

Can't find that "PDF Full Text" link? You may see a "Find It" button instead. Open that link to see whether we have access to the article through a different research database. (Note: Make sure you select a database whose access includes the publication date of your article.)

Still no full-text? Request the article through InterLibrary Loan. You may see a link to this form on the "Find It" page. If not, follow the link below to login to your ILL account and fill out the form manually. Article requests take 1-3 business days. Once the request is filled, you can access the article within your ILL account.

Print Articles

Find a journal using the "All Types" search box on the Libraries' homepage (see Find and Browse Journals tab for more information).

Once you click on a journal's title, check for our print holdings under "Availability". If a record exists under "Salisbury University Libraries", check the date ranges listed to see whether we have current issues. If the date range is open-ended (e.g., 2002- ), that means we currently subscribe to the journal and should have the most recent issue. (View the screenshot under Find and Browse Journals for a visual).

In most cases, the current year of the journal's issues will be kept in the Pit. Titles are filed alphabetically, and run clockwise starting near the Leisure Books section by the service desks. Older issues are bound and located on the 3rd floor of the GAC. Again, they are filed alphabetically. Use the map below to find the Bound Journals location.

  • Current journals (current year) on 1st floor in "Pit". Listed alphabetically starting near the Circulation & Research Help Desks
  • Bound journals (roughly 1 year ago and older) on 3rd floor in compact, movable stacks. To access materials on a given stack (the library shelving unit), simply spin its crank to create an aisle. Check for people in other aisles first! This will move all stacks to the left or right of that stack, depending on the direction you move it.

For strategies, view the page titled "Evaluating Resources."

Articles Discovery Search

Library Databases with Scholarly Articles

These are online resources, accessible on or off campus using your SU username and password.

Refer to the search strategies in this guide (both on this page and under General Search Strategies) when using these databases.

When browsing search results, if the full-text PDF of an article is not immediately available, use the yellow Find It button to see if we have access elsewhere. If we don't have access, you can still request it through InterLibrary Loan! (See more information on ILL under Access and Read Articles to the left).

Pro tip: You can actually search across multiple EBSCO databases (e.g., Business Source Complete, PsycINFO, and more) at once. To do so, open one of the EBSCO databases (e.g., Business Source Complete, PsycINFO) and click on "Choose Databases" (above the search fields). Select ones from this list that seem appropriate. Several newer ones are at the very bottom of the list. Don't select ALL databases, as it will seriously slow down the processor!

Find News

If you are unsure how to approach your topic, try using Google to get a sense for any breaking news or trends concerning the issue you are researching. From there, dive into some of these resources to find reliable news articles about that topic.

Browse Print and Online Holdings

News Databases (SU login required for off-campus access)

The following databases provide access to national and international periodicals. Certain databases act as archives for specific periodicals (New York Times, Washington Post, etc.) and contain both historic and current issues.