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This guide is created primarily for the students in Prof. Lindsey Hatfield's REED 500: Literacy: History and Theory 



Develops knowledge and understanding of historical perspectives and major literacy theories and research on the development of reading/literacy, and becoming members of a professional literacy community.


Paper: Becoming a Literacy Professional  

Write a 4 to 6 page double spaced paper explaining what it means to be a literacy professional based upon readings about the historical and evidence-based foundations of the role, viewings, discussion, and experiences. Utilize the ILA standards and resources presented in class or in MyClasses and at least 3 other juried sources (that you find on your own), and address these in your paper using in-text citations in APA format.  Include 5 specific and separate goals--with a 3 to 5 sentence explanation of each--that you will undertake during the next 5 years. These goals should help you become a professional in the Literacy Community and support your growth as a professional. Include an APA reference list. 50 pts 


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