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PSYC 481: Health Psychology: NCBI/Medline

This research guide is created for students in Professor Maier's Health Psychology - Behavioral Medicine class.

Accessing MedLine

Follow these steps to access the publicly available MEDLINE:

--go to

--in the top search bar, choose MeSH


What is a MeSH term?

MeSH is an acronym for Medical Subject Heading. They are created by indexers at the National Center for Biomedical Information (NCBI) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to tag articles in the database. 

Choosing Filters in NCBI/MedLine

Once you have received your search results, you will need to choose filters. Not all filters display immediately. To reveal them:

  • Click the "additional filters" button at the bottom of the list of filters on the left side.
  • Choose filters: remember to go through each option on the left and check the box of filters you require
  • Click "save"

This step is only to make those filters appear on your search results screen. To deploy them, choose them from here.