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PSYC 481: Health Psychology: PsycINFO

This research guide is created for students in Professor Maier's Health Psychology - Behavioral Medicine class.

Accessing PsycINFO

Adding Limiters

APA PsycINFO includes many ways to refine your search, right on the front page. Scroll down to find them! Here are some recommendations

  • Age Group
  • Population Group
  • Methodology

Other limiters that appear after you've done your search that are also useful

  • Tests and Measures
  • Classification
  • Gender

Subject Headings

There are two types of subject headings in PsycINFO:

Subject: Major Heading - the primary tag for the article. Kind of like a precision strike.

Subject - includes all tags, including the major heading. A way to view the entire landscape of your topic in order to discover hidden gems.