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Assignment Guidelines


  1. Select a primary source within one your chosen themes (money, empire, religion/science) from the Nabb Center's collections
  2. Design a website
    1. Follow these examples (Links to an external site.). Note that these were done by high school students. You will be expected to go beyond these examples. Nonetheless, they do provide a good starting point for gauging what is expected of you. 


You will be completing the following activities for this module:
(For specific dates, consult the Group Project Handout for your section)

  • First Meeting 
    • Selecting a Primary Source
  • Second Meeting
    • Research Session
  • First Assignment (5%)
    • Prospectus + Outline + Annotated Bibliography
  • Second Assignment (5%)
    • Website layout + text
  • Third Meeting
    • Individual group consultations with professor & Nabb Center staff.
  • Third Assignment (20%)
    • Website


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