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GEOG 414: Research & Writing: Find Books

For students in Dr. Skeeter's course.

Geosciences Books

The fields of Geography/Geosciences/GIS truly span the map (pun intended)! While there is no way I could ever list out all of the books we have that would be of interest to you, I can help you figure out how to navigate our catalog and search for books.

Search our library holdings via the search box below to explore the wealth of information available to you on any topic you need or are interested in! Books can help you determine the background and context surrounding your topic, and it can also help you figure out if your topic is novel and interesting in some way. It might also give you ideas for ways to narrow your specific topic, especially because you'll be able to see more than just the books we own in the GAC. 

After you search, use the limiters on the left to narrow to books or ebooks. You will also be able to find articles and other sources with this search box. 

Brainstorm Searches

Topic: Effects of global warming on hail storms in the Great Plains region of the US

Keywords: "global warming"  hail  "Great Plains"

  1. Type in the keyword phrase "global warming" in the search box. What do you get? Too many results! Time to get more specific!
  2. Add in the keywords hail and "Great Plains". Now what do you get? Zero results? Our search was too specific!
  3. Let's back up a bit and do a search just on the keywords "global warming" and hail - let's ignore "Great Plains" for now. Now you get some nice search results!
  4. Try that same search again, but this time with the keywords "global warming" and "Great Plains" - see how you get some results that are similar, some that are different? Look through both sets of results.
  5. Use the limiters on the left side of the screen to narrow to just books, just articles, and more.