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GEOG 409: Dimensions of Climatic Change: Home

Welcome to the Dimensions of Climatic Change library guide!


shot of Glacier Bay Alaska
by Drew Rush - used with permission.

This guide provides links and information designed to help you with your literature review research needs.  


This guide will provide you with the information, links, and resources to:

  • Find Articles - links that will allow you to search through our library holdings (both print and electronic) to find scholarly articles via SU Libraries-owned databases.
  • Find Books - links to the library's book catalog.  With these links, you can search the holdings of both SU Libraries and other libraries within the entire University System of Maryland. 
  • Understand LitReview basics - explanations of what a literature review both is and is not - with several external links to preeminent sites that go into extremely useful detail - like how to properly write a LitReview introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Organize & Cite - help in organizing your literature search results, and how to cite what you reference in your paper in whichever citation style you have chosen.

Assignment basics (taken directly from the assignment description!)

Throughout the semester we will be talking about various topics related to climate change. Climate change science has many layers, and we will only be able to brush the surface during this course. However, I want you to identify a topic related to climate change that gets you excited because you want to know more! You should find this topic interesting to you. When I find a topic I'm excited about my excitement pushes me to learn more! 

Using this topic of interest I would like you to write a literature review about the topic and give a presentation during the final exam period at the end of the semester. These topics can range from the socio-economic implications of sea level rise on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, understanding the intricacies of climate change modeling, or what do we know about the contribution of greenhouse gases in agriculture. You will be expected to use reputable and peer-reviewed references to discuss these topics in your papers.