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GEOG / BIOL 150: Find Articles

Primarily for students in Professor Silaphone's Environmental Science: Concepts and Methods class, but other GEOG 150 courses may find this Guide useful.

Library Session

Before you leave today, you should have:

  • Several journal articles on your chosen environmental issue
  • 1 image (icon, photo, etc) of your chosen image related to your project or environmental problem. Use the Find Images tab above. 
  • RefWorks account

Your 5 journal articles can be imported directly into RefWorks. Look for a Cite or Export option for each journal article. You can also copy and paste the title into Google Scholar and use their Cite option. 

Your image information can be put into RefWorks by hitting the “+” button at the top of the RefWorks page and selecting “Create New Reference”. Once the blank record comes up, choose ‘artwork’ as your Ref Type. Contact me if you need help with RefWorks, your topic, or finding info for your project!

Search Here

Use the library databases (also called search engines) below to look up information on your chosen environmental issue and get a good sense of its history and possible solutions. Most of the resources in these databases are scientific journal articles, but you may also find other types of sources such as video, newspapers, or magazines. 

Need an Article We Don't Have?