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GEOG 102: World Geography Africa and the Americas: Home

This guide can help you:

Form an approach to working on your country profile.

Identify which information sources to use based on the type of information and the requirements of the assignment.

Explore the library's information resources.

Start to gather information about your chosen country.
Properly cite the information resources you decide to use for your country profilet.  

Information Requirements

Geographical Profile

1.  Provide a brief history of the country's founding.  Was it a former colony?  If so, of whom?  If a former colony, what kinds of products or raw materials were exported to the colonial ruler?

- What does the country make or produce?

- Is the country a "one-commodity" exporter (i.e. does one major export account for up to 75% of the country's exports?)

- The country's market(s)

          - To whom does the country export?

          - Who are the country's biggest trading partners?

          - Is the largest trading partner the former colonial ruler?

- What does the country import and from whom?

- Do other countries export similar goods (or the same goods if a one-commodity country?)

          - If so, to whom?

          - Also a former colony?  If so, of the same ruling colonizer?

2.  Provide contemporary demographic data and trends: 

          - Population

          - Major religions

          - Languages

          - Provide the following:  

               * RNI (Rate of Natural Increase)

               * CBR (Crude Birth Rate)

               * CDR (Crude Death Rate) 

               * Infant mortality rate

               * Fertility rate

          - Provide a population pyramid of the country

3.  For your population pyramid, consult the US Census Bureau's International Database for data (select the year 2010).




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