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GEOG 102: World Geography Africa and the Americas: Finding Country Information

Article Databases: By Subject and A-Z List

+Multi-subject Databases


Academic Search Complete - Academic Search Complete is the world's most valuable and comprehensive scholarly, multi-disciplinary full-text database, with more than 8,500 full-text periodicals, including more than 7,300 peer-reviewed journals.

JSTOR - Electronic archive of core journals in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Includes complete runs of journals with full-text of all articles published prior to the most current five years. Coverage spans the humanities, sciences, and social sciences.
MAS Fulltext Ultra - Full-text for over 500 popular general interest and current events publications, as well as 253 full text reference books, nearly 100,000 biographies, 76,000 primary source documents, and an image collection of 116,000 photos, maps and flags. 
MasterFILE Premier - Provides abstracts and indexing for 2,650 general periodicals. Full text of articles for nearly 2,000 periodicals, and 5,000 full text Magill Book Reviews. 
 - Provides abstracts and indexing for more than 1800 journals. Full text of more than 800 journals is available to USMAI institutions. Some articles are in languages other than English. It includes extensive coverage of the physical and biological sciences, significant numbers of journals in the social sciences, and some journals in the humanities.

Looking Up Country Info

For this project you are being asked to pull together a lot of information about your chosen country.  One of the easiest ways you can do this is to start your research with the CIA World Factbook.  The CIA World Factbook has a drop-down list covering every country in the world  - and the resulting report about each country makes it very easy to get started on your research right away, knowing that you have legitimate & reliable information that you are looking at.  

You can see from the screen shots below that accessing your country information is extremely easy.  Just click on the appropriate letter for your country, and from the resultant list of options, pick your country.  Next, look over the report that covers all of the relevant country data, and open each section to read the corresponding information.  In the below example, I chose to look over the country report for New Zealand - and you can see that all of the information I need - government / economic / military / population - is all located within the various country-report sections.  Clicking on the main header of a section gives you detailed information, along with time-stamps from when the information was collected/last updated, so you know how up to date it is.  



Screen shot of CIA world Facebook home page


Screen shot of how to use alphabetical navigation to get to countries that start with the letter N

Screen shot of country information for New Zealand as provided by the CIA world factbook