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Ed.D. Dissertation Guide: Binding

Submitting your dissertations to the SU Libraries for binding

You're required to submit two hard copies of your dissertation for binding.

Submit two hard copies of your dissertation to the Office of Graduate Studies. Staff in the Office of Graduate Studies conducts a technical review of all hard copies of the manuscript for appropriate paper type, sequence of document, and formatting. After passing technical review, staff in the Office of Graduate Studies will deliver all approved paper copies to the Libraries for binding. For assistance, please contact Jessica Scott, Graduate Program Manager, at 

Preparing the copies of your dissertation for binding

Step 1: Prepare two required hard copies of your project to be submitted to the SU Libraries for binding.  


  • at least 25% rag content (a.k.a. cotton or high quality bond) paper
  • 8.5 x 11 inches


  • margins (including appendices) should be one and one half
    (1 ½) inches on the left margin and one (1) inch on the top, right, and bottom margins 


  • print on one side only 

Step 2: Submit the required hard copies of your project to the Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) for technical review and approval. 

Printing services

You can print your manuscript using the Résumé Printing Station located in the Perdue Hall 141 IT Computer Lab. Instructions are located at the printer.

Getting Bound Copies Back

The company that binds SU manuscripts makes periodic trips to SU Libraries to pick up raw copies and to return bound manuscripts. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the normal time between these trips to be lengthened somewhat.

When bound manuscripts are returned to SU Libraries, the two library copies are added to the Nabb Research Center Theses & Dissertations Collection and the general Stacks Collection and the remaining copies are given to Stephen Ford for distribution. Stephen will contact the student and department to verify where personal and departmental copies should go and to make arrangements for pick up or mailing. At least one copy will be sent to the originating department.

For questions regarding the distribution of bound manuscripts, please contact:

Stephen Ford
Dr. Ernie Bond Curriculum Resource Center, Conway Hall 226
Email: | Phone: 410-677-4602

Binding departmental copies

If your department requires a copy, or copies, of your dissertation, you must prepare the required number of departmental copies and submit them to the Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) for technical review and approval. The OGS staff will deliver the approved departmental copy or copies to the Libraries for binding. 

Binding cost

  • Binding library copies
    Free to students.
  • Binding departmental and/or personal copies
    The Office of Graduate Studies (OGS)  will cover binding costs for up to four (4) departmental and/or personal copies.
  • Binding additional departmental copies
    Departments may opt to pay for additional copies for students ($15 per copy).
  • Binding additional personal copies
    If you want to bind additional personal copies, the cost is $15 per copy. The payment can be cash or check. A check should be made out to Salisbury University.