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Ed.D. dissertation guide: Support services

Support services for Ed.D. dissertation writers

  • Help with research  
    Schedule a research consultation with Mou Chakraborty, the liaison librarian for the Ed.D. program, at
  • Writing assistance 
    ​Meet with a tutor at the University Writing Center to get thoughtful feedback about your dissertation at any stage in the writing process.
  • Citation management
    Contact a librarian to get started with RefWorks, a "next-generation" citation management tool that can help you gather, organize, read, annotate, and cite your research sources.
  • Archiving 
    Contact Jennifer Martin at or Ian Post at to submit your dissertation to SOAR@SU for long-term archiving. 
  • ProQuest submission help
    Contact Stephen Ford at to get help with submitting your dissertation to ProQuest.
  • ​​Copyrighting assistance 
  • Contact Bea Hardy, Dean of Libraries, at to discuss your copyright options.  
  • Binding services
    Contact Stephen Ford at to have copies of your dissertation bound professionally.