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CADR200: Getting Started

This guide is to be used by all sections of CADR 200: Foundations of Conflict and Conflict Resolution


This purpose of this guide is to help you research your projects for CADR 200. Each tab provides resources for each aspect of your project. The guide isn't a static document, and there will be updates throughout the semester. Questions? Email me via the link below on the right or stop by my office. 

Scholarly Versus Popular Sources

Here are the basics:

Check out this handy dandy chart for more information!

Scholarly Journals:

  • very few pictures or advertisements, though there might be graphs or charts
  • written by experts in the field and reviewed by other scholars before publication
  • long articles with citations and bibliographies at the end

Popular Magazines/Newspapers:

  • glossy pages with lots of advertisements and pictures
  • written by hired reporters for a general audience
  • short, easily read articles

Subject Searching

A good way to refine your search is to use the subjects provided by the database. Here is an example of the subjects in Academic Search Ultimate for a search using the keywords <conflict analysis>.

You will only see the top six, so make sure to click on the show more link to see all of the subjects provided. The number next to the subject indicates how many articles in your results set are tagged with that subject term.