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BIOL 408: Neurobiology: SU Nerds Review Article

+Library Instruction Goals

This guide should help you:


Use keywords from a research question or statement to search.

Distinguish differences between review articles and primary scientific articles.

Explore the library's information resources - aka our scientific databases that contain journal articles.

Retrieve primary scientific articles to use when writing your own review.


Information Requirements

You are cordially invited to submit an original Review Article to Salisbury University's Neuroscience Encyclopedia of Research Data and Studies (SU Nerds). This highly respected fake journal publishes reviews on any topic within the field of systems neuroscience. Submitting a review will be a great opportunity to learn more about a topic that you are especially interested in and also to gain experience in scientific expository writing.

The overall goal of your review should be to explain a phenotype or behavior in terms of neurobiology. Don’t choose a topic that does not directly address systems neuroscience (e.g. “Congressional spending on neuroscience research;” or “Impact of caffeine on industrialized nations”).

Here are some examples of titles of potential Reviews:

  • The neural basis of sexual behavior in rodents
  • Aggression in Drosophila melanogaster
  • Mechanosensation in C. elegans
  • The neural basis of magnetoreception in migratory birds
  • Echolocation in dolphins
  • The neurobiology of morality in humans
  • The neurobiology of itch
  • How Adderall affects the brain

Your target audience is anyone with a fundamental understanding of systems neuroscience (i.e. you), and your review article will be peer-reviewed by three other people in the course.