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SOWK 416/616: Research I: Home


This guide is created primarily for the students in Dr. Allessia Owens-King's SOWK 416/616 Research I course.

You need the understand the Research Cycle. You will also need to search multiple databases to write a comprehensive research paper.



PART II - Empirical Articles to be Used for Upcoming Assignments You must locate and attach 5 full-text empirical articles that you will be using throughout the semester to look at the problem you’ve identified in this assignment. These articles MAY NOT be evaluations of interventions. If your article is about an intervention, you WILL NOT receive credit for that article. Please only use articles found in peer-reviewed journals – no dissertations, no webpages, no reports. If you are unsure if your article is empirical or from a peer-reviewed journal, make sure you ask.

For each article respond to the following points (each article needs to be addressed separately):

● Name of article (in APA format)

● How do you know that this article is empirical?

o To respond to this section, answer the following two questions:

▪ What was the study’s purpose?

▪ How many participants were included in the study?

Tips for the assignment

Check out the tab Research Paper. There's a section about how to identify empirical research/studies.


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