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SOCI 201 (Kang): Home


Analyze the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on social problems within three of the five following social institutions:  family, education, health and medicine, work, and the media.

For each social institution review news from both mainstream American news outlets, such as CNBC, CNN, The Washington Post, etc., and alternative news sources such as Democracy Now, The Guardian, RT News, etc.  Select a minimum of 10 news articles (per social institution) and write a summary that analyzes the pandemic’s impact on one specific social problem or on the social institution, i.e., a comprehensive discussion about multiple social problems.

Use your textbook/lectures for background on the social problems you discuss.  Your integration of knowledge from the course materials in your summaries is important as this final paper serves as your final examination.  

Scholarly Sources

You may use scholarly books and journal articles to supplement your discussion of social problems. 


All of the news articles covered by your summaries must be included in a reference list.  You may substitute the ASA style guide for the one used in your major discipline.  For example, if you are a Psychology major you may choose the American Psychological Association (APA) style guide. Check out the citations page for links to help guides as well as RefWorks.