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News Research

Working in the groups you chose for your group research project you will research the impact that the coronavirus pandemic is having on society.  This means looking at the impact on social institutions, e.g., healthcare, education, environment, etc., and/or the bases of inequality, e.g., age, class, gender, and race.  As the pandemic is currently unfolding, most of your research will be on news articles/videos.  These may be from mainstream American news outlets, such as CNBC, CNN, The Washington Post, etc.  However, I encourage you to look also at alternative news sources as well as both mainstream and alternative news sources outside the US.

Each student will find a minimum of 10 articles (5 for Round One and 5 for Round Two).

Scholarly Literature Research

In addition to the research you conduct on news articles, you may choose to conduct research on related scholarly research.  It is unlikely you will find scholarly literature specifically about COVID-19, yet.

Final Paper

You will write a group research paper, which states a point of view that you support with evidence from the news articles, textbook readings, and scholarly literature.  The Minimum Length of your paper is determined by the number of members in your group.  The formula is 350-words per student.

During COVID-19 Restrictions

SU Libraries is still operating, albeit at a reduced capacity while we operate under social distancing restrictions. If you need help while working online, feel free to reach out! The Research & Writing Help tab can tell you how.

Also, feel free to check out the Campus Guide for the Libraries for specifics on our services right now.