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CADR 405-620: Restorative and Transformational Justice

This course guide is for CADR 405-620 (special topics) Restorative and Transformational Justice

Welcome to CADR 405/620: Restorative & Transformational Justice

Hilma af Klint, Portfolio, No. 5

Portfolio, No. 5, by Hilma af Klint,

This purpose of this guide
is to provide research assistance
for CADR 405-620: Restorative &
Transitional Justice.  

Each tab provides resources that
correspond to the course units.
The guide isn't a static document,
and there will be updates
throughout the semester.

Questions? Email me via the link
under my photo (see right).
I am available to help you via email,
telephone, chat, or Zoom appointment.