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ProQuest RefWorks

Adding references to RefWorks

After searching the library catalog, select a title to open the detailed record page.

  1. Select the Cite/Export link
  2. Select the Export to RefWorks link

Clicking on a title within any database will open the detailed record for that item. 

In the detailed record, click on the Export feature.

Then, select Direct Export to RefWorks.

Click the Save button.

Storing articles within RefWorks

RefWorks makes it really easy to get documents into your computer – just drag and drop one or more files and RefWorks will do the rest!

If you want to add your documents to a specific collection, make sure you’re viewing the collection first, then drag and drop the file(s). If you’re dragging multiple files, RefWorks will create a separate item for each document. Otherwise, drag and drop documents in the All Documents view and you can file them in collections once they are uploaded.

If you’re not sure where the file is on your computer, you can also click the Add a reference icon , then click Import reference option and then use the box for drag and drop, or, to browse and search your computer.  

Note: This option allows you to upload only one document at a time.

Regardless of how you add your documents, RefWorks will try to recognize and populate the reference information using our document authority.  RefWorks will present you with possible matches which you can select to populate the reference fields.

If no reference information is provided, you can manually enter the information.  Make sure to click the Save button to save the reference information.

Adding a web page reference must be done from within your RefWorks account. 

Click on the plus sign icon and select Create new reference. 

Next, select the reference type: Web Page 

Add the title of the web page in the title line and click the lightning bolt button. RefWorks may be able to find the web page you are referencing and display it at the bottom of the screen. Selecting the web page will auto-fill the fields. If RefWorks cannot find your web page, you will need to add the information manually.



In Google Scholar, click on the menu icon in the upper left side of the screen.

Select Settings at the bottom.


Under Bibliography Manager, select Show links to import citations into RefWorks and click Save.

Now all of your Google Scholar results will include the link: Import into RefWorks. Clicking this link immediately sends the reference to your RefWorks account.