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Oral Histories: Other Resources

Within this guide, you will find materials compiled and created to assist you with recording and preserving oral histories.

Additional Resources

Below you will find additional resources that Nabb Center staff have collected to provide you with a range of suggestions, principles, and tips when conducting and preserving oral histories. This is a living list, but is not exhaustive of all resources available. More resources may be added here in the future.

University of Florida's Establishing an Oral History Project

A visual list of  “8 Steps” outlining eight main benchmarks to conducting an oral history project, including basic groundwork, interview preparation, background research, and working to ensure community access to oral history resources.

8 Steps to Oral Histories Site

PDF Download of 8 Steps

Baylor University Oral History Resources

A guide of Oral History Resources focusing on the following topics:

  • The Heart of Oral History: How to Interview
  • Introduction to Oral History Manual
  • Organizing Oral History Projects
  • Remote Interviewing Webinar
  • Transcribing Style Guide