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                        Instruction                                                                               Skills/concepts covered

[5 minutes] Session introduction and review of research assignment source requirements. Highly recommended for all classes.

Requires copy of research assignment with source requirements described and related to course guide contents.

[10 minutes] Developing a search strategy based on a topic


  • Brainstorming or concept-mapping a topic
  • Narrowing topics
  • Identifying keywords and synonyms

[15 minutes] Use Quick Search to find books and ebooks that are owned by the library.

  • Use keywords to find books on a topic.
  • Identify and access ebooks in the results list
  • Use call numbers to locate print books on shelves.


[15 minutes] Use a multidisciplinary database to find articles on a topic.

  • Construct a basic keyword search strategy within a general database.
  • Use limiters like full text, peer-reviewed, etc.
  • Use the Find It button to retrieve articles.


[25 minutes] Know differences between popular and scholarly periodicals/articles

  • Identify and discuss differences between magazine and journal articles.
  • Discuss the publication process

[20 minutes] Evaluate websites

  • Gauge reliability indicated by URL ending
  • Use evaluation criteria to analyze one potential web source.

[20 minutes] Know differences between source types and uses: tertiary, primary, secondary

  • Discuss quality and usefulness of the different types of sources.