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IDIS 435: Find articles

Why Articles?

Articles will contain recent, current information. They are shorter than book chapters and typically focus on one or very few objects of study. Articles are most helpful to provide examples of your object of study (like a case study) or for an analysis of your object of study. The timeliness of the article depends on the discipline:

  • Articles in the sciences (medicine, public health): five years or less
  • Articles in the social sciences (psychology, political science): ten years or less
  • Articles in the humanities (literature, art history): publication date is less important, so may depend on what your project requires

Outward differences between popular magazines and scholarly journals

Library Guides

Suggested Databases

Below is a small sampling of databases that may prove useful in finding articles for your research project. If you are incorporating a discipline that is not covered by the following databases, visit the subject guide for that specific discipline (such as economics or psychology) and explore which databases are recommended.