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How to do library research: Find Books & eBooks

Books or eBooks?

While the process of looking up a print book or an eBook is the same, there are differences in accessing them.

Click here for the eBook tutorial or scroll below.

Finding Print Books

1. You can search for books from the main library page! Just type in the title, author or keywords in the Quick Search Box at the top of the page

SU Libraries search box with "Captain America Winter Soldier" in box

2.  The results you see are all different formats from libraries all over the world. If you don't see what you want right away limit your choices (A in the image below) to Print book or eBook.

If you see a book you are interested in, click on the title (B in image below). You can also (C in the image below) see a preview of where the item is located in the libraries.

3.  Clicking on the title will take you to a page that tells you more about that title.

A in the image below--Location tells you what library or section the book is in. Salisbury has multiple locations, so make sure you note which one your book is in. This one is in the GAC's Lesiure Collection on the first floor in the Pit.

B in the image below--The call number is the address of your book. Before you go looking, write it down or take a picture with your phone. If you have trouble tracking it down check this call number locator map or ask a librarian for help!

C in the image below--The status tells you if the book is on the shelf or checked out.

Screenshot of the item record. On the right is a red box highlighting Access Options. The top (red box with C) is next a green checkmark and On Shelf. Below says Salisbury University Libraries. Below that SU Guerrieri Academic Commons Leisure Reading next to a red box with A. Below that a red box with B sits next to the call number PN6728.C35 B78 2014.

4. Then just grab your book and take it to the circulation desk, along with your Gull Card, and check it out! For more information about loan periods, fines, or other policies, visit the SU Libraries page on borrowing materials.