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ECON 212: Home

+Library Instruction Objectives

This guide should help you:

  • Know what information is needed.
    Formulate questions based on the information needed.
  • Use keywords to access the needed information.
    Identify and use keywords, synonyms and related terms for the information needed.
  • Evaluate potential sources.
    For authority, reliability, credibility, purpose, viewpoint, and suitability.
  • Draw conclusions based upon information gathered.

The Research Need

Research Need:

"I plan to graduate with a degree in ____ . I need to either find employment or advance my education (or both!) upon graduation. Help!"

Research Question:

"In regards to employment or continuing my education, what can I do with a major in...?"

Formulate Questions

What are some questions to consider when searching for a job or choosing a career path?

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