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COMM 101 LLC Egan: Assignment

Library Instruction Goals

Search multidisciplinary databases to find full text articles on a topic; use Find It links to find full text of articles.

Distinguish between scholarly and popular sources.

Cite sources using a citation style.

Assignment: Find an article containing a research study


  • Search for an academic journal article that is relevant to your research topic. 
  • The article must be a research study from a peer-reviewed journal listed in the “Communication and Mass Media Complete” database that you can access immediately in full-text form.)

Ten Questions to Ask When You Are Reading a Research Article

1. What was the research question(s) or hypothesis/hypotheses?

2. Why did the researchers think this was an important area of study?

3. Who or what was studied?

4. How many were studied?

5. How did they conduct their research (what method did they use)?

6.  Was this a qualitative or quantitative study?

7.  What was the theoretical framework of the study?

8. What did the researchers learn (what was the answer to their question)?

9.  What further research do the researchers feel needs to be done?

10.  What is your evaluation of this research?