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MaRS: SU Libraries' Materials Request System

Using MaRS

Before requesting: Do we already own it? Please check our collections before requesting materials here.

1. At the MaRS log in page, select the Faculty Login button. 

2. Enter your SU Email Address. An activation link will be sent to your email account. Use the link to access MaRS.

3. In MaRS, you will be able to view the department budget allocation, but you are not able to edit this. The amount will adjust to reflect quarterly purchases from your department.


4. Below, you will find the order list that reflects requests made by faculty in your department.

5. To submit your own requests, select the +New Request button. This opens the order form. 

6. Fill out the form using the information you can supply. If you do not have complete information, it’s okay to leave fields blank. Once these details have been added, be sure to save it by clicking Update Request  

  • When an item has been requested, a confirmation email will be sent to the requestor that the librarian is working on the order and will update the order’s status.
  • If you would like your requested material to be placed on Course Reserve, select Notify me & place on course reserves to intiate this process. The Course Reserve coordinator will be in touch with you for more information.

7. Need it soon? Identify the date that you'll need the requested item by, and we will "RUSH" order the material. 

8. You are done! Click the Request Item button. You will receive a confirmation email, and you can check on the status of your requests in MaRS any time!