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SOCI 101 (Food): Find Books

Ways to Get Resources

There are three ways to get library books here at SU. In the order you should look for your item, you can borrow from

  1. SU Libraries
  2. Direct Borrowing from our consortium,The University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions (USMAI)
  3. Interlibrary loan (ILL) from libraries outside USMAI

See more on the Libraries' Borrowing Policies.

To check the status of items or renew them online, log in to the appropriate library account.

Call Number Locator Map

Call number locator map down to the shelf the book is on
Use this to find which shelf your book is on.

Books Only

SU Libraries Map

Map of the first floor of the library

Browse by Call Number

These are call number ranges you might want to browse for books about Sociology topics:

  • HM1-1281  Sociology
  • HM711-806   Groups/Organizations
  • HM811-821  Deviant Behavior
  • HM1001-1281  Social Psychology
  • HM1106-1171   Interpersonal Relationships
  • HN1-995   Social History, Social Problems
  • HQ12-472   Sexuality
  • HQ503-1064   Marriage, Family
  • HQ767-799   Children, Youth, Adolescence
  • HQ1060-1064  Aged, Gerontology
  • HQ1073-1073.5  Death, Dying
  • HQ1075-2030.7  Sex Role, Feminism
  • HS1-3371  Secret Societies, Clubs
  • HT51-1595  Communities, Classes, Races
  • HT101-395 Urban Sociology
  • HT401-485  Rural Sociology
  • HT601-1445  Classes
  • HT1501-1591  Races
  • HV1-9960  Social Pathology, Criminology
  • HV5001-5040  Drug Abuse
  • HV6001-9960   Criminology, Police, Prisons