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SOCI 210 (McEntee): Is it Sociological?

What is a scholarly article?

Unit 2 Test Source Requirements

Remember for this assignment you are required to find the following as a minimum:

  • 2 sociological sources
  • 2 semi-scholarly sources
  • 2 data sources (1 may be reusing a sociological source if it has significant data)

Which of the following are scholarly, sociological, and which are neither??

Look at each of the articles linked below. With your group, determine if the following apply to each article:

  • Scholarly (Is the journal peer-reviewed? Is it at least 5 pages? Does it cite other sources? Is it an article instead of an opinion piece or review?)
  • Sociological (If it is scholarly, then does the author have a degree in sociology or a related field? Is the journal published by the ASA? Does the journal have sociology in the title?)

If you'd like to view a more dynamic record of the resources above -- one with the hyperlinks all active -- you can search in the the database below directly. Perhaps the easiest way, is to search the title of the article in quotation marks " " and select the Title field in the drop down menu (TI Title).