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MKTG 335 Fennell: Resource Exploration - Starting Points

Recommended Starting Points

Remember that different resources can be used for different reasons.This page contains recommended starting points. You may want to consult these guides for additional resources and information:

Finding Customers

Use the Target Market/ Demographics guide for more information on target market, finding customers, determining size, and determining location. Here is a resource that might be helpful to start with:

Identify the industry code that your business/service falls under:

Simplify your research and keep things consistent by FIRST defining your industry by selecting the industry code(s) that classifies your business or service. This code will be particularly helpful when searching the databases or resources like American FactFinder.

Search databases for articles or industry reports:


When searching for articles, review the information under the tab General Search Strategies.

For this assignment, you are likely looking for research studies that explored a similar topic to yours. E.g., if you are researching a bike share company and want to understand the successes or pitfalls that other companies have encountered on college campuses, you want to find research articles containing data that you can use. Similarly, the articles may lead you to other resources for further data, so be sure to read their literature review and bibliography/works cited sections.

Industry Reports

Try using keywords relating to your industry, or look up the NAICS code (see the next page titled Company & Industry Reports for more information).

Searching Websites

It's possible that the data you are seeking is published to a website rather than an academic article. To search for these resources in Google, add some keywords relevant to your research and the phrase "site:edu". You can explore other site endings as well (.gov, .org), depending on your topic.

e.g., bike sharing college campus study site:edu

Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys

What is provided in an S&P Industry Survey? Check out this sample provided from the Standard and Poor's publishing website.

Use the Industry Research guide for more information and for specific resources that can help with understanding the market of a particular industry.