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Plaza de Armas Miniature


Research paper (25-35 pages, 60 points). By the end of the semester you will need to submit a major research project in which you investigate a puzzle within U.S.-Latin American relations. At different points throughout the semester you are required to meet certain milestones: specifying a research question, developing an annotated bibliography, generating an outline, and finally, submitting a final draft. Along the way you will receive feedback and guidance from me. I will not accept any late essays unless you have a valid excuse (illness with proper documentation).

Research Question Due: 3/31/17

Annotated Bibliography Due: 4/14/17

Research Paper Outline Due: 4/28/17

Research Paper Rough Draft Due: 5/5/17 (Optional)

Final Research Paper Due: 5/19/17


Manage & Organize

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Create an account in Easybib and let's start to manage our information sources for this assignment.


Keep the Easybib tab open in your web browser while you search for your sources.