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A library guide with information about the Salisbury University study abroad programs and other useful country and travel information

Study Abroad Programs

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Studying Abroad

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Financial Aid

Financial aid to help pay for your study abroad experience (click here)

Modern Languages & Intercultural Studies

Clearly your study abroad experience will be enhanced by greater proficiency in the language spoken at your intended study abroad destination. Please browse the following links to find out more about our language offerings at Salisbury University.

Department of Modern Languages & Intercultural Studies Factsheet (click here)

Department of Modern Languages & Intercultural Studies Website (click here)

SU Center for International Education (SUCIE)

The Center for International Education  (click here)  offers the following programs:

1) Education Abroad
2) English Language Institute
3) International Students and Scholar Services

The Center is located at the northwest corner of the SU campus at the corner of College Ave and Camden Ave just across the street from Holloway Hall   (See the SU Map - double click to enlarge it)  The Center is located in the NW corner of the campus across College Ave from Holloway Hall.

Newsletters from the SU Center for International Education (SUCIE)

SUCIE newsletters and magazines give interesting perspectives from or about SU students (et al) who have participated in study abroad programs. (Click here) to view them.

Welcome to the Study Abroad Libguide!


Hello folks,

Welcome to the library's "Study Abroad" libguide!

If you have ever thought about studying abroad to see how people in other countries live while you are still earning college credit, Salisbury University has many interesting study abroad opportunities. 

Beside the Salisbury University study abroad programs, there are also SU affiliated and non-affiliated study abroad programs available, so much of the world is available to you. (See the interactive map)  

For those of you who you haven't yet traveled, lived or studied overseas, it can be a life changing experience and often can become one of your cherished memories.  So give it a look and see what you think! 

This libguide is a resource that leads you to the Salisbury University study abroad offerings and financial aid possibilities, as well as to links to country information, travel tips, etc. 

Much of this information can be found at various SU websites by typing in the phrase "study abroad" in the upper right search box on the Salisbury University home page, but this libguide gives you another entry point.

If you have any questions about this website, please feel free to contact me by email at


Gaylord Robb

Research & Instructional Librarian
Modern Languages Librarian Liaison
Guerrieri Academic Commons   Rm AC137
Salisbury University

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"The proper means of increasing the love we bear our native country is to reside some time in a foreign one." 

 William Shenstone




Education Abroad - HOMEPAGE

(Click here) for the latest version of the Study Abroad  home page.   If you are used to the older education abroad page (Click here) Both pages have their individual search characteristics, but both lead to recent information including information about  the study abroad APPLICATION process.

Study Abroad Video - SU Students

Study Abroad Brochure

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Study Abroad Handbook

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Parent Guide to Study Abroad

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