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GEOG 104 - Smullen: Topics & Keywords

Helping students in GEOG 104 get ready for their in-class presentations...

+In the research process: KEYWORDS / CASUAL SEARCHING

1. Explore  (casual web searching / keywords)
2. Scholarly conversations (library databases: articles)
3. Support arguments (source citation)
4. Drafts & revisions (librarians & Writing Center)


Keyword Exercise

Fill out the keyword sheet to explore wording that is used to describe your topic.

A simple tool such as a thesaurus may allow you to find keyword variations that can be used to search the library catalog, article databases, etc.


In addition to the link to below, MS Word has a built-in thesaurus:

Keywords / Exploring Your Topic


photograph of boats in water

Photograph by Frank Shepherd.  Used with Creative Commons permission.  

What does Wikipedia have to say?