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International and ELI Students

A brief guide for international and ELI students on library resources and other useful library information.

Library Terms Translated

ELI Library Registration

To use many of the library's electronic resources all you will need is your IT username and password!

However, to check out books, DVDs, laptops, or other physical items you will need to register with the library directly.

If you have not already, please fill out the form below and bring it to either:

1. the ELI Librarian - Mou Chakraborty (Office 146A in the Academic Commons)


2. the Library Service Desk in the Academic Commons

Spaces in the Library

Welcome to Salisbury University Libraries!

Our library staff is here to can help you learn to use library resources, find research materials you need, and answer any questions you have about the library or campus.

What can you do within the Library?

First Floor

The first floor is a collaborative space and home to:

  • The Library Service Desk, aka, Circulation (where you check out and return materials) and the Research Help Desk (where you go for help finding resources for your assignments)
  • Our largest area of desktop computers
  • Multiple printer and scanner stations
  • The Library's 3 classrooms, which can be used as study spaces when the iPads outside them show they are not reserved for classes
  • The MakerLab
  • IT Help Desk
  • The cafe and Hungry Minds dining
  • 2 first come, first serve group study rooms

Second Floor

The second floor has many of the non-library spaces  in addition to more collaborative study spaces. Those include:

  • The Writing Center
  • Math Emporium
  • Center for Student Achievement
  • Desktop computers
  • Printer and scanner station
  • Tables with usable displays to share screens for group projects
  • Study rooms--you can reserve the study rooms online or you can go to the Library Service Desk on the first floor for assistance with making a reservation.

Third Floor

The third floor is for quiet studying. Here you can find: 

  • The Stacks (the largest collection of books in the library)
  • Printing and scanning station
  • Soft seating, table and chairs, single study carrels

Fourth Floor

The Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History and Culture tops the Academic Commons. Here you can find:

  • Regional records, photos, diaries, and other primary source materials
  • The Libraries' Special Collections and Archives
  • Across the atrium is the largest auditorium on campus, where many events are held.

ELI Corner

The library has started a collection specifically for ELI students. It contains books like dictionaries and thesauri, as well as books in languages that are not English. To recommend books for the ELI collection, you can contact your instructor or the ELI Librarian.