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RESP 400: Assignment

Assignment Spring 2024



A. Dissecting a Scholarly Article-25%
Assignment: Select an article from a scholarly journal (pertaining to a specific discipline). Prepare a 3–
5-page article reviews which includes the following:
1) an introduction to the topic of the article and the issue being discussed
2) the hypothesis being studied
3) a description of the study sample (e.g., random/non-random, sample size)
4) the methods use

5) major findings

6) conclusions.
7) Attach the article to your critique.

Purpose: Students develop an appreciation for research and scholarship in a given discipline. Students
also are introduced to the process of analyzing and evaluating a scholarly journal article.

B. Literature Review-25%
Assignment: Review the literature on a specific topic for a given time period.
Purpose: Reveals the purpose of a literature review and provides experience in writing one. Students
must identify appropriate articles and use them to describe the current thinking or research on a topic.

C. Anatomy of a Term Paper- 50%
Assignment: Conduct research for a term paper. Do everything except write it. At various stages,
students submit: 1) a clearly defined topic, 2) an annotated bibliography of useful sources, 3) an outline
of paper, 4) a thesis statement, 5) an opening paragraph and summary.
Purpose: Focuses on stages of research and the parts of a paper, rather than on the writing of it.