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EDCI 794:Advanced Methods and Qualitative Research: Research Paper

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You'll need to critique a quantitative research article. Critiquing Research Articles will provide you step-by-step ways to do so. The third video also walks you through critiquing a research article.

Your assignment also focuses on quasi-experimental design.  The two videos and the resources under Understanding Study Designs are helpful in this regard.

Critiquing Research Articles

Empirical Studies

Let's say that your assignment is to find at least four empirical, peer reviewed journal articles. If you are not familiar with what empirical studies are and/or how to find them the following links can be helpful:

Understanding Study Designs

How to read a research paper?


You may have an assignment that asks you to read a research paper and critique it. You start reading the paper but it is long and boring (!) and you may not have any clue how to comprehend it! 'How to Read a Paper' series from The BMJ is a go to source when it comes to learning how to read a research paper.

Here's the link to the following articles:

Research Methodology


Action Research

Seeking help for writing your paper

Have a research paper to write?
Stressed out?

Who can help?

Your Professor
(who will guide you through the process)

Your Librarian
(who will help you with your literature review)

The Writing Center

(who can review your paper and make recommendations to write better)