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ENGL 489: Topics in Native American Literature: Sovereignty and Survivance

"There There" AND urban AND heritage OR culture AND "tommy orange"

Most search engines recognize Boolean Operators AND, OR, and NOT.

Placing AND between keywords or phrases tells the search engine you'd like sources concerning an overlapping topic.

Inserting OR between two terms tells the search engine you'd accept a source about one topic, but you'd also accept sources that refer to it in another way. Synonyms can be helpful here.

Placing NOT between key concepts tells the search engine you'll accept sources on one but not the other. 

Most search engines also recognize a technique called phrase searching. For example, enclosing "There There" in quotation marks tells a search engine to locate sources containing these two specific words in this particular order from left to right. Any two or more word phrase can be searched in this way. 

Try There There with the quotes and without them in Google Scholar. Compare results.