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Open Education Resources

Traditional evaluation criteria

Content quality

  • Content is accurate
  • Pedagogical methods are sound
  • Reputation of author/ institution is transparent 
  • Peer review available or used
  • Sources are identified and cited 

Pedagogical appropriateness

  • Alignment with a learning outcome or course objective
  • Appropriate reading/ domain level for your students

(reused and adapted from Sarah Crissinger, CC BY NC SA)

Evaluating OER

"How to Find and Evaluate OER" by Abbey Elder is licensed under a CC BY 4.0 International license:

OER evaluation rubrics and checklists

Additional evaluation criteria

Licensing status

  • Clear licensing declaration 
  • Allows for reuse, re-purposing or refinement

Technical quality

  • High technical quality (clear visuals, high production value)
  • Platform compatibility (viewable and usable on both MAC's and PC's)
  • Platform currency
  • Accessible to people with disabilities
  • Accessible to people using older computers