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Open Education Resources

Three Steps to Finding OER

Interior view with a man sitting at a low stand with an open book on it; other books are scattered about the room. This work ([Scholar seated at reading table], by Razi, Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Zakariya), identified by the National Library of Medicine, is free of known copyright restrictions.

1. Identify Keywords
Start with broad keywords and narrow them down to fit the scope of your needs.

2. Compile a List of ALL available OER materials related to your keyword
This should be a kitchen sink list that includes ALL of the available OER that matches the keyword search above.

3. Evaluate the sources in your list
Once you have a list of all the available matches, it's time to narrow your list down by evaluating the sources.

(reused and adapted from Abby Elder CC by 4.0)

Finding OER

"How to Find and Evaluate OER" by Abbey Elder is licensed under a CC BY 4.0 International license:

General OER Resources

Before searching subject-specific OER (which has been pulled from various sources on the internet which may or may not be updated regularly) you may want to try to the following OER repositories and search tools.